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About Us

The Essence of Photography is a professional studio servicing the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We are located in the Philadelphia, PA area and have been in business since 1978 – more than 40 years behind the camera delighting generations of our customers.

We offer a wide range of photographic images, from the in-studio portraits to on-location shots capturing :

weddings/receptions birthday parties retirement parties graduation parties
school yearbook portraits proms church functions sorority/fraternity functions, cotillions family reunions, family portraits baby pictures
large corporate groups passport pictures, and so much more.

If it’s special to you, it’s special to us.

We offer on-site production at your affair as well as green screen. With green screen your portrait is taken in front of a special green background. Within minutes our computer super-imposes the subject into pictures in front of sandy island beaches, big city landscapes, parks, holiday scenes and more. Our clients have used this for fun posters, magazine covers, marketing and special invitations.

We take pride in our work and have provided some samples of our diversity, creativity, and style on this website. Our passion is creating lasting and beautiful memories with pictures that help you re-live the precious moments in your life – from wallet to wall size.

Give us a call at (215) 424-7700 . Our friendly staff knows how to put you at ease, will listen your to ideas and suggest lighting and backgrounds with you. Our shop is conveniently located at:

1622 W. Olney Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19141
Hours: Tues - Friday 4:00pm - 8:00pm
Saturday: - By Appointment